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About us

Adults have a right to live in safety, free from abuse and neglect.

Local authorities have a statutory duty to establish a Safeguarding Adults Board (SAB) under the Care Act 2014.  The County Durham Safeguarding Adults Inter-Agency Partnership, established in 2007, became the formal County Durham Safeguarding Adults Board in 2015, with the wider partnership known as Durham Safeguarding Adults Partnership.

County Durham SAB has a duty to assure itself that partners are working together to safeguard adults from abuse and neglect or the risk of abuse and neglect, and to support communities to prevent abuse and neglect.

Statutory duties under the Care Act

Annual Reporting

  • The SAB has a duty to publish an annual report outlining the achievements of the Board and its partners, and how strategic priorities are addressed.

Safeguarding Adult Reviews

  • The SAB has a duty to carry out a Safeguarding Adult Review (SAR) when an adult has died as a result of abuse or neglect our would have died without intervention, or has suffered permanent harm due to abuse or neglect, to find out what can be learned about improving practice and about cooperation between organisations.

Who is in the Durham Safeguarding Adults Partnership?

There are three core statutory partners as listed in the legislation:

Other partners include statutory, voluntary, and lay members who take part in the work of the Durham Safeguarding Adults Partnership:

The Durham Safeguarding Adults Partnership Board has an independent chair.

Durham Safeguarding Adults Partnership Vision and Priorities

Partners have agreed our Vision:

We will support adults at risk of harm to prevent abuse happening; when it does occur, we will act swiftly to achieve good outcomes and we will consult with the local Healthwatch as a source of support to inform SAB activity.

The Durham Safeguarding Adults Partnership agreed its strategic priorities in 2020 for three years

Durham Safeguarding Adults Partnership Annual Reports

The most recent suite of Annual Reports are: