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We hope you find the following information useful. Please note that although links are monitored, the Durham Safeguarding Adults Partnership cannot be held responsible for the information contained in other websites.

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The Herbert Protocol

The protocol outlines a scheme aimed at supporting family, friends, and care providers when vulnerable adults go missing. Anyone throughout County Durham and Darlington can request to be involved in this initiative if they know of or care for an adult who is at risk of going missing or wandering. 

Clare's Law

The aim of this scheme is to give you a formal mechanism to make inquiries about your partner if you are worried that they may have been abusive in the past.

Hate crime

Hate crime is a criminal offence where the victim is targeted because of their race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, disability or gender identity.

Mate crime

Mate crime happens when people with learning disabilities are befriended by someone who uses the relationship to exploit or abuse the person.

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