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Prevent Awareness

Within County Durham, the Safe Durham Partnership prioritises work to prevent people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism.

It has a strong link to safeguarding because vulnerable adults and children can be susceptible to radicalisation and recruitment into terrorist organisations.

No matter the reason, there may be warning signs that can help identify those people that may be at risk.  If we can refer these individuals early enough into suitable interventions and support, we may be able to prevent devastating life changing incidents from occurring.

For more information including on what to do if you are concerned about someone, and to access the Government Prevent Duty elearning, visit County Durham Partnership: Prevent Strategy: Countering Terrorism, Radicalisation and Violent Extremism.

Please note: if you have access to the Durham County Council Learning and Development system (DLDs) you should access the Prevent elearning through that, so your training record is updated.

Statutory Guidance on Prevent Duty

Available at Statutory Guidance on Prevent Duty.